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My Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: 3 weeks 

To reduce development efforts and optimize the user experience across multiple devices, designers create a single design that adapts to the user’s device. In order to achieve a better understanding of Responsive Design, our team created a responsive peer economy which focused on furniture exchange that both end users (customers and service providers) could use on various devices responsively.
Who Are The Parties In This Market?
What Are The Problems When Exchanging The Item? 
No Realistic View
Uncertain Delivery Interval
Poor Picture Quality
Introducing SwapDrop
For Buyer
Augmented Reality Mode (Mobile Only) + 360° View

For Mover
Synced Schedules
On either web or phone, both of buyer and seller can put their specific availabilities on calendar. The overlap, which is the darker green dot, shows their matched availabilities. Then the buyer can call the mover to delivery furniture during the specific time.
For Seller
Ranking & Recommendations
When seller posts a new item, they can upload the photo and fill the information in the pop window. After the item is posted, they can see a ranking score if the photo quality is lower than the average. The ranking system will give some recommendations on how to improve the photo quality, which is helpful for sellers to sell item.


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