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QuickMeet - A social networking mobile app

My Role: UI Designer

Duration: 2 months


Am I the only one who finds it hard to make friends in college? ​

Students want to meet new people, but existing apps... 

So, what if we innovate an app that...

Introducing QuickMeet

A college-based social networking mobile app that facilitates an easier meet-up and friendships between mutually interested college students.

Discover People Nearby

  • Scan for other users within 1 mile on map

  • Send invitation to people who have mutual hobbies and favorite topics

Auto Search a Place to Meet

  • Get notifications when receiving a meeting reques

  • Accept invitation and then QuickMeet will automatically search for a public place within 1 mile for users to meet

Check the Status

  • Confirm to meet & be there within 15 mins

  • Check the status of the sender

  • Get notifications when the sender arrives

Report a User

  • Show real names after both of users confirm to meet

  • Anonymously report a user that violates the policies and guidelines 

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