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ATS - A data driven environment display

My Role: UI Designer

Duration: 2 months


A college-based social networking mobile app that facilitates an easier meet-up and friendships between mutually interested college students.



"How we can facilitate easier meet ups and friendships for busy or shy U of M students?"



User Research

Design Research



  • Similar function: most apps are using "swiping" function to match users

  • Similar character: most of them are dating apps

  • Too much information of users​s: almost all of the apps show photos and details of the user, which are kind of distracted

  • Time costly: it usually takes a long time to get to know each other and decide to meet up

  • Potential risk: some users worry about the safety issue when meeting with people they do not know

Goal is for students to be in a face-to-face meet-up in 10 minutes or less

Exclusive to university students

Information shared will be hobbies and favorite topics

Not intended to be a dating app
-Gender and other identifying information will not be included

Provide just enough information so users know if they can “click” with each other

Task Flow

After shaping our idea, I started to draft a basic mind-map for the application, categorizing features and the relationships between each category. After on-boarding, the user A will see a map of the U of M campus while the app scans for other students online within a 1 mile radius. When A selects another user B, A will see B's hobbies and favorite topics. If A is interested in meeting, A clicks "Meet!" Then B receives an alert and decides if he/she wants to accept the invitation. The app then searches for a nearby public location (like a library, coffee shop, or another place where they can sit and talk) and then they both go there to meet.








To improve our idea, what we did are

  • Posted a survey on Reddit

  • Reached out to Design U, and App development student groups

  • Met with CoLab incubator

  • Emailed student groups and posted on Facebook groups for feedback about the idea and app operation

Some Feedback from Reddit

  • Swaggityboo – “I love the idea.”

  • Lala99998 – “Someone be his friend and help him make this app! I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.”

  • Dawsnow – “This a good idea...”

Groups we reached out declared our idea “novel”. 

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Main Screen




Suggested Places

Let's Meet!

Meet Request

Connected Users


Suggested Places List

Push Left

Auto Send Location

Push Right

Discover Users


Show User's Info


Send Request



  • Programming

  • Design files and assets

  • Advertising

  • Partnership with local businesses

User Interface

Get Notifications

Accept Invitation

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