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Alibaba provides a series of products to help its B2C/C2C platform improve click-through-rate, conversion-rate, and gross merchandise volume. Athena is one of the products that helps the marketing operations to exceed business objectives by filtering high quality merchandise based on data visualization. 

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Financial Feud

My Role: UX Designer

Duration: 3 months


Woobo partnered with third-party owners to provide fun educational content. In Woobo v1.5, there are two major categories - Woobo's World and Woobo's Friends - to distinguish between original content and licensed content. After Woobo v1.5 shipped, we received the feedback that the content was not easy to be discovered and accessed. So I redesigned the content library experience for Woobo v2.0 through competitive analysis, wireframes, prototypes and user testing.
Based on the user feedback and customer reviews after Woobo v1.5 shipped, there are some problems we need to solve.
  • Woobo's original content is hard to be discovered
  • Users are easy to ignore third-party content due to the UI layout
  • The experience of subscription design is tedious and not kid-friendly
​放图 / ia to show problems
We spent lots of time looking at services like Youtube Kids, Netflix, TikTok,  Play Games, and Peppa World, etc. We took notes on what each platform was doing well, where they were missing the mark, and how could we differentiate ourselves.
What we got from the research is that no matter what the experience was like, it was all about the content ( which was under the control of our own original studio/along with third-party content that our content team would choose from). 
​放图 / ia to show problems
When translating the pain-points into ideas, we developed an availability-centric directory, as the "right people" are classified to; being available for assistance at the appropriate time and/or are the most knowledgeable for the situation. With these traits in mind, Woobo library is designed to browse the content quickly, search specific content quickly, and also combined the business model for subscription in a kid-friendly way. 
solve the problem, I had 3 objectives in mind for my design:
I explored many different layout and architecture styles. Pushing the limits with what I thought the standard for video consumption could be. I whipped these up in Adobe XD and Principle so that I could see these mocks with motion and interaction in mind.
I started by brainstorming and establishing the features my app should have. I then went on to explore the user flow through paper sketches. And the final result, after several rounds of iterations, is as shown below:
As mentioned, we knew a few things that we wanted to target as the opportunity area
  • The entire family will be our target audience 
  • The teens would be between the age of 16 years to 21 years who will be going to college 
Once this was figured out, we wanted to jot down the personas and scenarios that would fit the description. 
Teens run PNC Bank
Gradual Savings
Budget Voice Assistant
30 Day Challenge
In order to evaluate our top 5 ideas, we did 5 rounds of speed dating with teens and their parents. After speed dating, we realized that we received the most positive reactions for the 30 day challenge application; however, we needed to modify it a little to form smaller challenges. We also found teens wanted a greater incentives to invest time into the challenges.
Therefore, we reduced the challenges timespan and created rewards drive engagement. 
We refined the 30 Day Challenge concept to have the following features -

There will be 4 seven day challenges based on domains
○ Budgeting / Savings
○ Loans
○ Credit
○ Investing

○ Leaderboard for the family
○ Prize at the end of the week
○ If the parents do better, teens get an additional task
○ If the teens do better, teens get monetary amount in savings
○ Pictures for accountability
Service Blueprint
An overview of the infrastructure of the entire service and how it works.
List of Challenges
Start a Challenge
Visual Design
Track your process against other family numbers
Started a challenge and test yourself and your family
Choose a variety of challenges for family numbers
Earn trophies based on achievements
Through the project, it was important for us to think about that how is value co-created in this service?
In our last service design class, we presented our solution to PNC client and got positive feedback. 
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